Dear My Book Moment subscribers,

Hello! I’m Claire (or Frosty to my friends and work mates!). I am beyond excited that my very first novel, Living My Best Li(f)e, has been chosen as this month’s pick – and I really hope you enjoy it (along with all the gorgeous treats that come with it in the box, of course!).

Being in my thirties myself, it felt natural to write a story about how this decade in women’s lives is often when everything changes – from relationships and children to our friendships and careers. I wanted to look at issues such as loneliness, identity and community – all through the prism of something that has become a huge part of all our lives: social media. I know all too well how easy it is to lose hours to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat… I could go on!

In fact, the only way I actually managed to write this book was to delete the apps for a while so I wasn’t tempted to reward myself with a scroll for every word I wrote! But although it does get a bad rap, social media can be a force for good, too. And as the world around us has in recent times felt like quite a scary and unpredictable place to be, I also wanted this story to be funny, uplifting and make readers feel good.

Living My Best Life focuses on two main characters. Bell, who at 39 has constructed the perfect life – a good job, a nice home and a straight forward relationship. But when her long-term boyfriend abruptly moves out rather than proposing, she finds herself facing the end of her thirties unsure of who she is any more. So she deletes all her social media and eventually starts a new Instagram account and only follows people she feels will inspire her and help her work out what she wants from life. 

Meanwhile, Millie is nearly ten years younger and a successful influencer with 100,000 followers on Insta, a wardrobe to die for and the cutest five-year-old son imaginable. But beneath the filters and behind the hashtags her life isn’t as great as it first seems – she’s battling increasingly nasty comments from social media trolls, she’s so broke she has to take her clothes back to the shop the minute she’s photographed herself wearing them, and her son’s dad is more interested in the trappings of his life as a Z-list football star than having regular contact with his little boy. 

When the two women unexpectedly meet, they strike up an unlikely friendship and must work together and learn from each other in order to find the happiness they’re both looking for.

Without giving anything else away (I passionately hate reading spoilers myself so I definitely don’t want to ruin the story for you!), Living My Best Li(f)e is ultimately a celebration of friendship in all its forms. I really hope you enjoy reading it – and if you do, please pass it on to all your friends and help spread the love, as sometimes we all need that bit of sparkle that means we’re #livingmybestlife!