Hello, lovely #MyBookMoment subscribers! 

I’m Fanny Blake, a novelist and journalist. I used to be a publisher, never dreaming I would be a writer – that’s what other people were. But not so. Here I am with my eighth novel, A Summer Reunion, which has come out this summer. I couldn’t be happier.

I was prompted to write A Summer Reunion after I’d been invited to a school reunion of several old school friends, whom I hadn’t seen or even been in touch with since I was 16. I went because I was curious: curious to meet the women that the girls I remembered had become, and curious to find out what they had done with their lives; to hear their stories.


Our get-together was nothing but enjoyable, but it did make me think. Suppose something terrible had happened all those years ago that only came to light now. How might its surfacing affect us? Would the patterns of friendship and behaviour that had been established so long ago reassert themselves once again?

I enjoy writing about women of a certain age, their friendships and the many issues that confront us as we get older, so I decided to bring together four very different women, Amy, Linda, Kate and Jane who were once in the same gang at school. They’ve kept in touch sporadically over the years but an unexpected confrontation prompts Amy to suggest a reunion and on a whim she invites the other three to her house in the mountains of Mallorca. Each woman has her own reason for wanting a break from her daily life, so they each accept. But, once there, something happens that brings their shared past back into focus and long-held secrets tumble into the open, changing everything – not least the relationships between them.

Why Mallorca? I’d visited the beautiful village of Fornalutx and its surroundings, and thought the story might play out well there. It was also a good excuse to go back there for a couple of weeks and explore more – just to double check! As I visited new places, new ideas arrived in my mind and the novel began to take shape and come to life. My characters walk the walks, sit in the squares, eat the food, visit the sights, and explore part of this wonderful island, just as I did. Though I had a much easier time than they do!

I hope you’ll enjoy A Summer Reunion and the shot of Spanish sunshine that comes with it.