Novelist Veronica Henry – who’s penned a intro for this month’s Popular Fiction read – shares why Jackie is such a powerful inspiration…

When I look at my bookshelves, amidst all the classics and and the chick lit and the (often unread!) Booker Prize winners, there is one author that pops up more than any other – Jackie Collins. And no – she is not a guilty pleasure. I am proud to have her on my shelves, for she has influenced me more than any other writer.

If there is one thing that Jackie Collins does, it’s take you to another place, quicker than Concorde. You know from page one you are in very safe hands, and even if the storylines are outrageous, the characters larger than life, and the sex mind-boggling, you believe every moment. She is the mistress of turning the page.
And Cleo James, the heroine of The World is Full of Divorced Women, is the mistress of her own destiny. If I was to recommend a guide to divorce, it would be this! Don’t be a victim. Don’t be a bitch. Take control.
Jackie’s books are as authentic, funny, sexy and smart as she was. Make yourself a killer martini and enjoy it in the spirit in which it was written – wearing your highest heels. 

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