Hello to all the wonderful #mybookmoment subscribers! My name is Fionnuala, pronounced ‘Finoola’! As the name hints, I’m Irish, though live just outside London, and I’m lucky enough to say I’m a writer.

When I was first planning The Book of Love, my third novel, I knew I wanted to write a love story – one about the power of enduring love. I’m constantly examining different relationships in my novels, whether it be a couple or siblings or parent and child. I love to look under their skin, have a poke at their layers, and hopefully show that it’s their flaws as well as their strengths that makes them human. These latest characters, Dom and Erin, came to me quickly. I could see them in my mind’s eye, hear them chattering away in my head, almost demanding the way I would tell their tale for them. Their story is told in the past and the present and, over many years, the reader hears from each of them in both time threads. (I swear. THEY made me do it 😊)

Inevitably, life throws highs and lows their way and what I wanted to explore was an honest way of communicating with one another. Sometimes, it’s hard, isn’t it? Even in the best relationships, it’s common for one person to speak and the other person, through fear or anger, hears something completely different. The Book of Love, is a wedding present, given to them by Erin’s father, Fitz. It’s a physical gift, but a tradition too – something he and his late wife, Erin’s mother had done for years – a ritual of writing down the things that are hard to say, or tough to hear. It’s a means of talking without fear of being interrupted…

The gift is embossed with the words:

What am I? I am The Book of Love,

The pages of truth with its light and shade.

I am Love,

And if real, I will never fade.

At first the couple are understandably sceptical, believing that there will never be a time when they can’t just speak to one another. But as their lives together unfold, it becomes a central part to their love story; a place to turn during good and bad times and something that teaches them both that, despite human frailties, love can evolve and cure so much.

I do hope you love Erin and Dom as much as I do and that their story helps you believe, as Dom says, ‘It’s love that brings meaning to life.’

And enjoy the package! (Says the envying author, side-eyeing the picture of that chocolate…)